A commitment to safety as a fundamental characteristic of our products and services is part of our culture at Leonardo.

Our customers’ flight safety is our top priority and delivering safe helicopters is our primary objective.

This approach is at the heart of all our activities, from design and production to customer services, with the aim of exceeding the most rigorous safety standards and continuously developing and supporting safety in every aspect.


Leonardo’s Safety Management approach is reflected in every structure of its internal organisation and throughout the entire business network.

Leonardo is a unique and structured entity, encompassing the full helicopter lifecycle: design and related certification (including supplier management), manufacturing, sales, maintenance and continued airworthiness, training for all personnel, and support for accident/incident investigation agencies.



The safety of Leonardo’s helicopters is based on the heritage of many decades’ experience in helicopter design and over a century of manufacturing and flying aircraft.

Customer Support

Customer Portal
Leonardo’s commitment to customer proximity and improving its helicopters’ availability and efficiency helps ensure the fulfilment of its primary duty of guaranteeing safe operations. The new area dedicated to customers provides direct access to all updated publications and information including the latest manuals, bulletins, maintenance instructions, information letters and safety information documents which are essential for maintaining up-to-date safe helicopter operations.


Safe operations require thorough training and awareness from flight and maintenance operators. Leonardo believes in the key value of sharing the best safety practice through training, which is designed around products, experience, customers and their operations.


Safety requires collaboration that includes every stakeholder. Leonardo is an active partner in all the major safety networks and a proactive player in numerous safety-related initiatives and promotion activities in our sector. This cooperation ensures the company stays up-to-date with the latest safety developments and provides a seat at the table for all major discussions and projects, national and international that aim to promote and improve safety.

Leonardo’s collaborative approach puts safety at the heart of its operations and helps the company ensure the same for its customers. Below you can read details of just some of Leonardo’s recent and ongoing projects.

Dissemination Material

Advertisements, letters and brochures dedicated to specific targets but with the common objective of disseminating safety issues.

Automation and Flight Path Management

At the 12th edition of the EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium, Leonardo presented its new Automation And Flight Path Management video about the importance of combining state-of-the-art technology, training, safe operations, expertise and digitalization to increase safety in flight.