The AW169M – the military version of the AW169 - is the new light intermediate twin-engine helicopter designed to meet the most stringent military and civilian certification requirements. The platform features class-leading performance for a wide range of missions in the most demanding conditions.

Advanced open architecture avionics and systems enhance the AW169M’s multi-role capabilities. Its cockpit’s ergonomic design reduces pilot workload while maximising external visibility, allowing the crew to concentrate on achieving mission objectives.

The unobstructed cabin interior enables rapid configuration changes to suit operational requirements. Optional ballistic protection for cockpit and cabin, self-sealing tanks and defensive aids suite ensure high levels of survivability and crashworthiness.

The AW169M can successfully perform a wide variety of roles including Troop Transport, Logistics Support, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Special Forces Operations, Command and Control, Medical Evacuation and Casualty Evacuation, Search and Rescue and Personnel Recovery.

The platform can be customised with a large range of equipment, sensor and weapon systems to provide outstanding mission flexibility to military operators.

Main Features
  • Low workload single/dual-pilot VFR/IFR NVG-compatible integrated glass cockpit with advanced avionics and systems provide excellent situational awareness and maximises mission effectiveness
  • Two powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210A engines, with FADEC, combined with the advanced rotor system provide superior ‘hot and high’ performance
  • The spacious cabin with flat floor can carry up to 10 troops quickly to their drop-off point or can be converted to recovery up to 2 stretchers in flight
  • Large sliding doors (1.60 m/5 ft 3 in) enable rapid entry/egress, use of hoist and rappelling/fast roping equipment
  • Latest generation modular open systems architecture enables integration of wide range of mission equipment including military communications, radar, Electro-Optic/Infra-Red (EO/IR) device, searchlight, loudspeakers, rescue hoist and cargo hook and crew served weapons
  • Internal Weapons include 12.7 mm machine gun or two pintle-mounted 7.62 mm machine guns
  • External Weapons include 7.62mm/12.7 mm machine guns and/or guided and unguided rockets and/or air to ground missiles

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