Agusta: A complete VIP experience

Two years on from the launch of the Agusta brand dedicated to the VIP and corporate transport market, the vision of creating a unique and personalised experience for customers is going from strength to strength.

The Agusta name has long been synonymous with outstanding performance and refined Italian style in the world of passenger transport. So, there was a clear logic in adopting the iconic Agusta marque as the focal point for Leonardo Helicopters’ presence in the VIP/corporate sector – a recognisable name that embodies the company’s distinctive design, technology and service philosophy.
Reflecting on the way the brand has come to life over the past two years, Manuela Barbarossa, Head of VIP/Corporate and Services, explains: “The Agusta name represents both our heritage based on decades of experience and our future in the VIP sector.
“We understand that customers are seeking an exclusive experience, not only in-flight but also on the ground and this is becoming a key element of competitiveness in the market. The desire for a personalised experience has many aspects to it: the aircraft’s performance and safety capabilities, the provision of a spacious and luxurious cabin environment, high levels of customisation, and the integration of innovative technologies as well as a bespoke service and support offering.
“Since the launch of the new Agusta brand in October 2021, the response from the market has been overwhelmingly positive and we are continuing to evolve what we offer to customers.”

Comprehensive product range

Leonardo Helicopters’ global VIP fleet stands at more than 900 helicopters and the company has held around 45% of the multi-engine VIP market over the past 10 years. Barbarossa believes this leading presence in the sector underscores the strength of the company’s product portfolio: “Whether customers are flying charter missions, executive transport operations or a VVIP/Head of State role, we have a product that meets those requirements ranging from the long light single AW119Kx through to the multi-engine AW101.”
The addition of the revolutionary AW609 TiltRotor to the product portfolio will add another dimension – offering greater speed, range and performance than traditional helicopters while operating above the weather at a cruising altitude of 25,000ft. The aircraft promises to be a game-changer in air mobility and its characteristics are ideally suited to the VIP/corporate market where time is a precious commodity.

Harnessing innovative technology

Agusta customers benefit from Leonardo Helicopters’ many years of expertise in providing pilots with the latest technologies for navigation, safety and situational awareness including avionic aids such as Synthetic Vision System, Weather Radar, Digital Maps and a Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS). Technological innovation is also being applied in the training sphere VIP customers can benefit from the newest addition to the portfolio of training devices – the Virtual and Extended Reality Simulator (VxR). It combines a ’short throw’ motion system, real cockpit hardware and VR headset in a system that can easily be transported to customer locations to reduce overall training costs.
Meanwhile, inside the cabin, the in-flight experience is elevated thanks to a touchscreen cabin management system, entertainment system and ambient control of temperature and lighting.
“We know how much our customers value being able to personalise the interior of their aircraft,” says Barbarossa, “which is why there are more than 30 layouts to choose from, with a selection of high-quality materials. We’ve also developed our Interior Moods concepts, inspired by the cities of Florence, London and New York to help customers think about the unique environment they want to create. It’s really a starting point for a creative conversation on how to make their interior feel like home.”

Agusta For You

To ensure that corporate operators enjoy a hassle-free and seamless after-sales service, Leonardo Helicopters has launched the Agusta For You premium service package. It is a turnkey plan designed to increase aircraft availability and reduce inventory costs by covering both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events across the airframe, avionics and other items.
“The message to our customers is that all they need to focus on is enjoying their flight,” comments Barbarossa, “the rest is on our shoulders.” The plan also enables customers to specify annual interior refurbishment, parts and troubleshooting for the entertainment system and coverage for unscheduled engine events.
Customers who opt to maintain their helicopter at Leonardo facilities can also benefit from premium services including support in renting a replacement helicopter if required, fuel arrangements, cabin cleaning and direct ramp access when hangars are located at a commercial airfield.

Relaxing in the Agusta lounge

The Agusta ethos emphasises the importance of the entire customer experience, on the ground as well as in the air. With this in mind, the first dedicated Agusta lounge is now operational at the Leonardo Helicopters Part 145 facility located at Le Bourget airport in Paris. The lounge provides customers with a relaxing environment including access to quiet spaces to browse interior materials or to observe finishing activities on their aircraft.
“Our intention is to gradually increase the number of Agusta lounges spread around the globe,” says Barbarossa. “We are also making a significant investment in our Vergiate facility to create an area dedicated to Agusta customers, which we’ll be able to say more about in the coming months. We’re excited about the future of the Agusta brand and we look forward to bringing many more innovations to the market to give our customers a truly unique experience.”

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