A revolution in aircraft performance

L’AW609 è un aeromobile multiruolo in grado di unire alla velocità, al raggio d’azione e alla quota tipiche dall’aeroplano turboelica la capacità di decollo e atterraggio verticale e di volo stazionario dell’elicottero. Questa combinazione rivoluzionaria, unitamente al confort di una cabina pressurizzata che permette il volo ad alta quota e sopra le condizioni meteo, fa del convertiplano AW609 un aeromobile unico senza rivali.

Missions & Features

Mission ready

The AW609’s combination of fixed and rotary-wing performance greatly improves response times and coverage area during Search and Rescue (SAR) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) missions. Its speed and range easily overcome the challenge of distance for rapid transport to medical centres. This capability also makes the AW609 ideal for transferring patients or organs between hospitals.



Outstanding technology

The AW609’s advanced Night-Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible Collins Aerospace Fusion avionics, with three touchscreen displays, enable greater situational awareness, while the digital fly-by-wire flight control system reduces pilot workload.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

The AW609’s wide cabin door and 600 lb hoist easily handles a rescue basket, while the low entry sill enables 2 stretchers to be quickly loaded. The pressurised, medically equipped interior and smooth turboprop-like flight profile facilitate the provision of uninterrupted medical care on board.

Mission ready

As rigs move further offshore, the AW609’s high speed and long range will set new standards for vertical lift. This revolutionary capability can open up new remote exploration, eliminate mixed fleets and provide a faster response in the delivery of time-critical parts and personnel.





Outstanding technology

To meet the demanding requirements of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 25 and Part 29, and new tiltrotor-specific standards, the AW609 is designed with Transport Category performance, One Engine Inoperative (OEI) and autorotation capability, 30-minute run-dry transmissions, and an ice-protection system.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

The AW609 can accommodate up to nine passengers in the safety and comfort of its pressurised cabin. This flexible layout can easily be reconfigured with two stretchers and medical gear to support an emergency evacuation.

Maximize Operations

The AW609 maximises rig-crew productivity with flight times typically half of those of conventional helicopters, while its capability to fly into known icing conditions above bad weather allows minimum disruption to operations to offshore helipads and ship decks.


Multi-role capability

The AW609 is the next generation of point-to-point transportation for para-public and government missions. This multi-role aircraft can be configured for numerous applications such as Homeland Security, VIP, Utility, Special Operations, Naval and Personnel Recovery.

Homeland Security

The AW609 is the ideal platform for counterterrorism, quick reaction force insertion/extraction, hostage rescue, incident management and law enforcement. The ability to operate more than 300nm from the coast adds border and maritime patrol, long-range surveillance, anti-piracy, protection of national waters and fisheries control to the wide range of security roles suited to the AW609’s large mission portfolio.

Special Operations

Special operators need special capabilities like the AW609’s high speed, long range, vertical and/or short take-off and landing (V/STOL), and low inherent noise signature. These capabilities enable long-range resupply or deep insertion/extraction of reconnaissance teams under cover of darkness.

Personnel Recovery

The AW609’s versatility enables it to meet a variety of Personnel Recovery missions including: Search and Rescue (SAR), casualty/medical evacuation and humanitarian relief operations. The ability to quickly fly recovered personnel directly to the appropriate medical facility in the safety and comfort of a pressurised cabin represents a unique advantage.




Technical data

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