Helicopters Advanced Services

Enhanced digital solutions and applications to improve safety, crew effectiveness and fleet availability.

HUMS SERVICE – Boost your fleet availability
Health  & Usage Monitoring System  (HUMS) provides Customers with data storage and infrastructure to deal with specific fleet HUMS and maintenance management, driving down operating costs and increasing aircraft availability.


HUMS is available through our Heliwise application! 


SKYFLIGHT SERVICE – Elevate your flight safety

Skyflight is the gateway to enhancing your Leonardo Helicopters flying experience.    
It has been designed to support customers in their flight planning activities whilst operating with the AgustaWestland Family products.
Skyflight is the optimal off-aircraft tool to carry out pre-flight evaluation of all the aspects of any mission ensuring a thorough safety assessment.
Wherever they are, through their internet enabled device, Customers can access aviation information, in addition to a real-time stream of weather and environmental data, which is used in conjunction with the Leonardo Helicopters aircraft performance data. The essential tools for the route planning still remain available when Skyflight is offline.

SKYFLIGHT MOBILE is available through our Skyflight iPad app!



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