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The new Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy in the US is co-located at our Philadelphia campus that also includes our manufacturing, support, engineering, procurement, contracts, sales and administrative functions for the US, providing our  Customers a 360° training experience that includes the entire lifecycle of their aircraft. 

The new Training Academy offers mission-specific ground, flight and maintenance training for AW119, AW109 Series, AW139, AW169 and AW609 TiltRotor product line and offers:

  • 10 multimedia classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology designed for interactive and on demand lessons 
  • Three Full Flight Simulators Level D, EASA and FAA fully certified, developed with OEM data package to guarantee the highest level of mission fidelity and safety
  • Six briefing and debriefing rooms for simulated mission
  • Maintenance Training Simulators bays for AW119Kx and AW139 products allowing maintenance technicians to complete practical training on an exact replica of their helicopters and systems. Soon, an AW609 Full Maintenance Simulator will be added
  • Virtual Interactive Procedural Training and Virtual Enhanced Training Devices

The Academy is also an approved Canadian Air Transport facility.



The Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy in the US is an Authorized Training Organization (ATO) approved by EASA and FAA Authorities, which allows us to provide both theoretical knowledge as well as flight training to students from ab-initio to advanced experience and recurrent training.  

The facility is an FAA-certified Part 142 Training Academy and is also a Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) approved by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority in accordance with EASA Part 147, which allows Leonardo to offer Basic Training and Maintenance Type Training for the entire Leonardo Product Range

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