Latest generation capabilities

The AW189 is the superior multi-mission solution for today’s demanding operations, combining exceptional payload and range with advanced technologies. Belonging to the AWFamily, the AW189’s unique features include a main transmission with 50-minute run dry capability and a built-in Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) as well as the option of new Safran Aneto-1K engines to enhance hot and high performance.

Missions & Features

Equipped for every mission

The AW189 is equipped to tackle the most demanding medical and rescue missions. Its class-leading speed, range and payload ensure the highest performance in Search and Rescue (SAR) and Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) missions, even in icing conditions. The AW189’s long range and endurance provide an enormous advantage for missions when lives are on the line.

Advanced technology and safety

The AW189 equips pilots with an array of state-of-the-art technologies and safety features. The advanced avionics suite with fully integrated digital glass cockpit, provides superior situational awareness together with a comprehensive set of sensor options. In case of electrical emergency, the APU ensures that rescue equipment (hoist and lights), radios and medical devices continue to function.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

The AW189’s adaptable cabin is the largest in its class. The helicopter can accommodate up to nine personnel with up to three stretchers and a full suite of life-support equipment. Large sliding doors ensure easy stretcher loading also during hoist operations. The spacious baggage compartment can be accessed from the passenger cabin in flight as well as from two external doors.

The digital revolution

The AW189 features the latest advances in digital technology. Using advanced in-house developed avionics and systems, the cabin mission console and the cockpit are integrated to provide a single digital environment. The AW189 provides market-leading search patterns and SAR advanced features to automate critical mission phases in all environmental conditions.

All-weather operations

The AW189 is the benchmark for long-range operations and can operate in all weather conditions, day and night, offering high speed and superior performance also in hover and Cat. A. The helicopter combines a spacious cabin with all the equipment and avionics needed for successful offshore missions.

Advanced technology and safety

The AW189 blends advanced situational awareness technologies and safety features to reduce crew workload. The helicopter exceeds the airworthiness requirements of the most recent European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)/Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) amendments in the transport category, qualifying the aircraft for IOGP requirements of the major oil and gas companies.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

The AW189 cabin is highly flexible and the widest in its class, configured with 16 seats as standard with a high-density 19-seat layout option. Seats are aligned to large push-out windows, exceeding Type IV emergency exit requirements. The cabin can be quickly reconfigured for MEDEVAC operations. There are large sliding doors and a spacious baggage compartment, accessible externally from both sides.

Multi-role capability

The AW189 gives operators true multi-role capability. The large, comfortable cabin with flat floor can be reconfigured for Limited SAR (Lim. SAR) operations. The AW189 is the only super-medium helicopter with a Full Ice Protection System (FIPS) in addition to a Limited Ice Protection System (LIPS). This enables operations even in the toughest weather conditions.

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