Multi-mission performance

Military helicopters must be equipped to perform the most demanding battlefield missions in the harshest environments. The AW149 is a latest-generation medium multi-role military helicopter that delivers the highly effective and survivable capability required by today’s armed forces, combining advanced technologies, equipment and weapons with unparalleled safety and performance characteristics.

AW149: The Leonardo solution for the UK New Medium Helicopter requirement

Missions & Features

Optimised for multiple missions

The AW149 is optimised for a multitude of battlefield missions such as troop transport and re-supply/external load lift; medical and casualty evacuation; Search and Rescue (SAR) and Personnel Recovery; special forces operations; close air support/armed escort; Command and Control (C2); and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).

Flexible and effective

The AW149 blends performance, lower life-cycle costs and day/night all-weather capability in a single platform. The large, rapidly reconfigurable cabin can accommodate a wide range of role equipment and weapon systems to enhance operational effectiveness and survivability on the battlefield.

Outstanding technology

The advanced open architecture mission system enables the quick and effective integration of mission-specific and customer-specific equipment, avionics, weapons and defence systems. The helicopter is day/night capable with a single pilot Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible, low workload glass cockpit.

Built-in safety and survivability

The AW149 ensures unparalleled crew safety. Contributing to its superior battle survivability are high levels of ballistic tolerance of the blades, airframe and components, crashworthy fuselage and seats, energy-absorbing landing gear and structure. The main gearbox has a 50-minute dry run capability, while the helicopter also features self-sealing fuel tanks, a fully integrated defensive aids suite along with additional armour protection.

Maximum cabin flexibility

The spacious, unobstructed cabin and large sliding doors on both sides enable the rapid transport of heavily laden troops and mission equipment in support of high-tempo operations. The large sliding doors support fast roping and hoist operations, enabling troop insertion and extraction on the hover while allowing simultaneous cover fire from window-mounted machine guns. A large equipment stowage area for stretchers and medical kit can be accessed optionally from the cabin.

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