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Modern helicopter operations require a combination of flexibility, high performance, proven technologies, and exceptional safety features. The multi-mission AW139 brings an unrivalled pedigree, as the best-selling twin-engine helicopter in its class with more than 1,000 units in service with customers worldwide.

Boasting superior performance, advanced safety design features, and state-of-the-art avionics, the AW139 can carry up to 15 passengers in a spacious cabin, all with the best power reserve of any helicopter in its class.

The AW139 is part of the AWFamily of advanced rotorcraft. This shared DNA enables customers to benefit from the common design philosophy, safety features and high-performance flight characteristics that are the hallmarks of the AW169, AW139 and AW189 family.

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Missions & Features

Mission ready

When lives are on the line, the AW139 is primed to respond. Configured jointly for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions, the helicopter combines advanced technology, safety design features and superior performance as well as a wide range of dedicated role equipment. Category A with Performance Class 1 certification allows the AW139 to operate safely.

Outstanding technology and safety

The AW139 has safety and technology built into its design. Fulfilling the latest certification requirements, the helicopter benefits from multiple crashworthiness and safety features. State-of-the-art integrated avionics, fully digital glass cockpit and role equipment such as the Obstacle Proximity Lidar System (OPLS) minimise pilot workload and improve situational awareness. The Full Ice Protection System (FIPS) and the Limited Ice Protection System (LIPS) can be selected as options.

Exceptional cabin flexibility – SAR

The large, brightly lit, versatile cabin can be adapted into a variety of layouts to suit SAR and Medevac operations, with up to four stretchers. It provides abundant space to work including accommodation for fully integrated mission console, medical treatment, and casualty evacuation interiors. A separate baggage compartment, optionally accessible from the cabin, can be used to stow stretchers or SAR equipment.

Exceptional cabin flexibility – EMS

It can accommodate up to five medical attendants and two stretchers longitudinally and transversally, along with a full suite of the most advanced life-support equipment, allowing complete access to the patient. The large sliding doors on each side enable easy stretcher loading, both on the ground and in flight.

Mission ready

Rapid response and effective search and surveillance capabilities are vital for operators across law enforcement, maritime/border patrol, and security missions. The AW139 delivers this capability where it is needed most with class-leading performance.

Outstanding technology and safety

The AW139’s integrated avionics system enables operators to gain the maximum benefit from the sensors and comprehensive communications suite required for the law enforcement role, while the best-in-class power reserve provides excellent Category A Class 1 performance to operate safely in a wide range of conditions.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

The AW139 features the largest passenger cabin in its class enabling customers to maximise working room and mission flexibility. The helicopter can seat up to 15 passengers or 10 deployable Law Enforcement officers and can be reconfigured in a variety of layouts, including accommodating a fully integrated mission console and advanced role equipment.

Multi-role performer

Operators need a helicopter that can adapt to multiple missions. The AW139 provides the flexibility to perform a wide range of security operations in confined/congested areas and is easily adapted for disaster relief, humanitarian missions and parapublic missions. It is also designed to exceed the rigorous standards of federal, state and local airborne Law Enforcement authorities.

Mission ready

The offshore mission is one of the most demanding for any helicopter operator, where safety and performance are critical. The AW139 is ideally suited to the offshore role, to support oil and as well as windfarm operators, combining superior payload, range, speed and single-engine performance. The helicopter offers a comfortable cabin and an excellent operational capability even in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.

Outstanding technology and safety

The AW139 features state-of-the-art avionics with a four-axis digital autopilot and digital electronic engine control to minimise pilot workload, allowing the crew to concentrate on the mission. Designed to exceed the latest safety requirements, the AW139 also meets the most stringent guidelines of the major Oil and Gas companies.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

The wide and versatile cabin can be configured to accommodate up to 15 passengers and can be quickly reconfigured for Medical Evacuation with dedicated EMS equipment. The large sliding doors allow easy, quick entry and exit both on the helideck and during winch operations. The spacious baggage compartment is accessible from both sides of the helicopter.

Extensive multi-role capability

The AW139 can reach offshore Oil and Gas, and wind turbine platforms quickly and safely, ensuring customers benefit from maximum operational productivity and efficiency. The best-in-class power reserve provides excellent Category A Class 1 performance in a wide range of operating conditions. Operators can also choose the Full Ice Protection System (FIPS) and the Limited Ice Protection System (LIPS) as options.

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