Full Spectrum Training

Today’s training missions demand platforms that are effective across the training spectrum. The AW119T, the training-specific version of the AW119Kx, is the ideal solution, combining unmatched versatility, superior power margins and precise handling characteristics. A single aircraft configuration covers all training requirements from ab initio through to advanced training, while the helicopter features outstanding manoeuvrability and a robust design together with best-in-class levels of safety.


The AW119T is the most spacious helicopter in its class and can accommodate two pilots plus up to six additional passengers. The unique, centrally located observer seat allows a non-flying student to fully observe the cockpit, maximising learning and training opportunities. The cabin is easily reconfigured and can be fitted with dedicated role equipment such as rescue hoist and cargo hook to fulfil multiple training missions effectively.

Optimised for the mission

The helicopter maximises the efficiency of training cycles and events with high cruise speed and extended range. Modern avionics make for a rapid and smooth transition to other helicopter types. The AW119T features touchdown autorotation capability up to maximum gross weight and high power margins that provide a forgiving environment to introduce new pilots to rotary wing flight.

Advanced avionics

The AW119T is the first single-engine helicopter in decades to meet all IFR standards and be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It offers a choice of modern Garmin G1000NXi 2-display VFR or Genesys Aerosystem 4-displays IFR glass cockpits, both of which feature Synthetic Vision System (SVS) with Highway In The Sky (HITS) depiction, moving map and embedded Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System (HTAWS).

Inherent safety and survivability

The AW119T has excellent safety characteristics thanks to robust skid-type landing gear, a high-resistance cocoon airframe and crashworthy seating together with redundancy of all critical systems, typical of twin-engine helicopters. The fully articulated main rotor provides agile handling at low levels and in confined areas while the main gearbox guarantees 30-minute run dry capability

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