Powerful and Flexible

Mission flexibility is crucial to military helicopter operations. The AW119M provides exceptional multi-role performance allied with the ability to operate in challenging environments, day and night. The light single-engine AW119M is the military version of the AW119Kx and is the only helicopter in its class with the inherent safety provided by redundant main systems.

Missions & Features

Mission ready

The AW119M’s exceptional versatility and rugged airframe make the helicopter a cost-effective solution for a wide range of battlefield applications. It is optimised for roles including troop transport, external lift, casualty evacuation, Search and Rescue (SAR), Command and Control (C2), armed escort, and special forces operations.

Built to perform

The AW119M can perform effectively on the modern battlefield, boasting excellent flight handling qualities and controllability combined with high power margins to excel in demanding ‘hot and high’ conditions. With long endurance and a cruise speed of more than 130kt, the helicopter maximises time on task. A wide range of mission, role equipment and weapons can be installed to enhance operational effectiveness.

High Flexible cabin

The AW119M’s spacious reconfigurable cabin offers more room than any other single-engine helicopter and can be reconfigured rapidly to satisfy a large variety of roles. Large sliding doors on both sides of the helicopter enable fast access for troops, equipment or a stretcher. Up to two door-mounted machine guns can be installed on the aircraft.

Advanced avionics

The state-of-the-art digital avionics suite enables both VFR and IFR operations, showing critical flight information on two large multi-function displays, enhancing situational awareness and reducing pilot workload. A Synthetic Vision System (SVS), Highway In The Sky (HITS) depiction, moving map and embedded Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System (HTAWS) all enhance safety.

Inherent safety and survivability

The AW119M has a comprehensive suite of safety and survivability features including damage-tolerant rotor blades, structure and components, 30-minute run dry main gearbox, as well as dual electrical and hydraulic systems. The robust skid-type landing gear, crashworthy seating and self-sealing fuel system are allied with redundancy of all critical systems, more typical of twin-engine helicopters. 

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