AW101 – SAR

The AW101 embodies advanced design and technology coupled with long range and endurance, which provides operational persistence for all missions. The versatility of the AW101 platform and a full range of on-board equipment allow operators to configure the helicopter for a wide range of roles including Maritime, Battlefield/Personnel Recovery and SAR.

Missions & Features

Mission capability

Selected by leading SAR operators worldwide, AW101 has earned an unparalleled reputation as the most capable long range SAR platform with superior range and endurance. Configured as a dedicated SAR aircraft the AW101 sets the benchmark for all weather SAR operations.

Outstanding technology

Equipped with leading technologies and a wide range of mission systems such as Synthetic Vision, Obstacle Proximity System, Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar and HD Electro-Optical (EO) sensor, the AW101 sets the benchmark for all weather SAR operations.

Inherent safety and survivability

AW101’s design is focused on safety and survivability, driven by customer demands to operate autonomously in harsh weather and environments. Extensive redundancy in structures, avionics and critical systems, combined with the three engine configuration and proven 30 minute run-dry transmission capability, ensures the highest standards of safety.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

Operating with a crew of four to six, the AW101 can rescue more than 20 people in a single mission while simultaneously delivering specialised trauma treatment via a dedicated medical team. With a cabin capable of evacuating more than 50 people in one lift, the AW101 is ideal for responding to natural disaster scenarios. The wide cargo door and versatile rear ramp enable uncompromised recovery of casualties, stretchers and equipment.

Technical data


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