Next-generation versatility

The AW169 meets the growing demand for a next-generation helicopter in the light-intermediate category that combines best-in-class performances with superior range and safety. The versatile AW169 brings unrivalled operating capabilities in the most challenging conditions. It also features a unique-in-class Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) mode that ensures mission-readiness with rotors stopped and enhanced ground safety.

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Missions & Features

Dedicated to saving lives

The AW169 is designed around patient needs and is the ideal platform for life-saving primary and secondary missions, and rescue services. Thanks to its advanced technologies and flexibility, the AW169 ensures a rapid emergency response, even for long-distance inter-hospital transport or for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Search and Rescue (SAR) missions at high altitude.

Advanced technology and safety

The AW169 ensures the highest levels of safety. It meets all the latest certification standards and regulations, while the glass cockpit combines latest-generation avionics with exceptional external visibility. This maximises situational awareness and minimises pilot workload during day and night operations, increasing operational safety.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

The helicopter has the largest cabin in its class. The flexible design can accommodate two stretchers, either longitudinally or transversely along with a full suite of advanced life-support equipment. Wide sliding doors allow easy access, while the spacious cabin ensures entire access to the patient. A large separated baggage compartment is available to store additional stretchers and equipment.

There when it counts

The AW169 ensures that air medical professionals can be there when it counts, providing the best patient care. APU mode enables operation of the environmental control system, radios and medical devices when the rotors are stopped. Capable provides Category A performance capabilities with no limitations in a wide range of operating conditions, including ‘hot and high’.

A unique, versatile asset

Law Enforcement operations are constantly evolving to deal with emerging threats such as terrorism, piracy and other crimes. The AW169 is a unique and versatile asset that enables Law Enforcement professionals to respond rapidly to a demanding set of missions.

Advanced technology and safety

The AW169 fully complies with stringent Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR)/Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) rules for performance and safety. Its advanced avionics suite and cockpit design improve visibility and minimise pilot fatigue, allowing the crew to concentrate on the mission.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

The large, flexible cabin can carry up to eight Law Enforcement officers or can be reconfigured to accommodate up to two stretchers. This multi-mission capability is complemented by the ability to install a full suite of surveillance equipment, managed through a dedicated mission console featuring two touchscreens.

Multi-role performance

The AW169 offers exceptional multi-role capability and can be equipped with a variety of role equipment to perform in the most demanding environments, with the possibility of choosing the most appropriate landing gear between wheeled fixed, wheeled retractable or skid. It is ideally suited to surveillance, aerial support, drug enforcement, border patrol, medical and casualty evacuation, disaster relief, Search and Rescue (SAR) and utility missions.

Proven capability

The AW169 complies with the most rigorous standards required by offshore operators and customers. Based on the proven success of the AW139, the helicopter can carry up to eight passengers in a comfortable and safe cabin, minimising time airborne and delivering superior performance in all conditions.

Advanced technology and safety

The advanced avionics suite and mission systems ensure safe operations and low pilot workload, together with excellent external visibility. The AW169’s ergonomic design, excellent handling characteristics and low vibration levels further reduce crew fatigue and enhance passenger comfort.

Exceptional cabin flexibility

The large cabin provides a flexible space that can be fitted with a range of equipment and systems. A separate baggage compartment optimises the use of interior space. The modular cabin can be quickly reconfigured to support wind farm construction and associated operations, with space for up to seven passengers for hoisting operations.

Multi-role capability

The AW169 is a highly adaptable asset. It offers a specially customised configuration with a dedicated interior to support maintenance personnel working on wind turbines. The excellent performance and handling qualities in all weather conditions ensure maximum safety during offshore operations.

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