Leonardo and Bristow Group at FIA 2022: new long-term AW139 and AW189 offshore global service programme

20 July 2022

Leonardo and Bristow Group celebrated a new, ten-year global service programme for Bristow’s offshore fleet at the Farnborough International Air Show on 19 July. The recently signed contract, up to 2032, allows for Leonardo’s support to cover airframes, with key suppliers covering the respective components.  

This contract applies to the Bristow offshore fleet, comprised of 57 AW139s and 7 AW189s, in operation across the globe and including several regions of North and Central America, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, Brazil and Nigeria. Following the Bristow merger with ERA in 2020, Leonardo has been working with the new Bristow Group to finalize this agreement, therefore streamlining and aligning the existing contracts for the AW139 and AW189 fleets.

This new signing increases the overall coverage of the Bristow fleet, bringing many AW139s that previously had contracts with a more reduced coverage into full coverage support agreements. The new, unique service programme will deliver more efficient overall logistics and savings to the operator, highlighting the value of Leonardo logistic service offerings, increasing performance across geographies.

The unique AW Family advantage, based on commonalities between the AW139s and AW189s in terms of components and maintenance tooling, will be even further strengthened through this streamlined support approach across the mixed fleet. Leonardo’s continued investments into a growing global maintenance network ensures greater customer proximity and a growing range of digital services, further contributing to better services and allowing for more customer capabilities. The AW139 intermediate twin and AW189 super medium are the most successful helicopter types in their respective segments and the benchmark models in the world’s energy industry support helicopter market.