AW109 GrandNew.
Demo Tour in the US.

The demo tour of the AW109 GrandNew, supplied by the operator Sweet Helicopters, took place last October.  The helicopter flew over Chicago, over Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The AW109 GrandNew, the latest model in the popular range of Leonardo light twin helicopters, equipped with wheeled landing gear, is recognized for its style and elegance as well as its state-of-the-art technology, inherent safety and unmatched performance.  

Main characteristics:

    The AW109 GrandNew is the market leader in the VIP/Corporate light twin category with more than 45% of the market share.
    The cabin can be arranged in a variety of configurations, ranging from a luxurious four-seat to a comfortable six-seat design. The bright and quiet cabin offers a comfortable flight experience. Benefitting from the effective soundproofing system, passengers can enjoy a relaxing journey. Easy cabin access is provided by wide sliding doors on both sides, as well as electrically retractable steps. Passengers have plenty of space for luggage thanks to the extended baggage compartment.
    The AW109 GrandNew offers best in class speed, with a VNE of 167kts, allowing the user to save time when compared to the other light twin helicopters. The helicopter also offers category A Performance Class 1 certification ensuring safe flight to and from congested areas, such as city centres, even in One Engine Inoperative (OEI) conditions. 
    The AW109 GrandNew is equipped with a full glass cockpit with fully integrated avionics and a 4-axis digital autopilot, a synthetic vision system/highway in the sky to provide a realistic view of the surrounding topography as well as terrain and obstacle awareness even in low visibility flight conditions, further to a three-dimensional guidance along the defined flight plan, which increase situational awareness and safety. The enhanced vision system increased operational safety and situational awareness where visibility is limited, allowing to see through darkness, smoke, smog, dust or light fog as in a VFR flight.   

The AW109 GrandNew VIP/Corporate fleet in the US counts more than 60 helicopters and is growing rapidly. The demonstration tour was a great opportunity to meet Operators and Private Owners.

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