AW139 Demo tour in Perù

The AW139 has completed a successful three-day demonstration tour in Peru where the aircraft showcased its capabilities to delegations from both the civil and military sectors.

The tour took place last December and saw an AW139, provided by Colombian operator Helistar, fly a range of missions and landings at altitudes of 11,000ft. The AW139 was located at the Policía Nacional del Perú base at El Callao Airport in Lima for the duration of its stay.


Main characteristics

    The large, versatile and quickly reconfigurable cabin of the AW139 can accommodate up to 15 passengers or up to four stretchers plus medical attendants and offers a layout with excellent levels of accessibility in each phase of the mission. Digital systems, such as the glass cockpit and the four-axis autopilot, minimize the crew workload for the benefit of operational efficiency.
    The AW139 is capable of covering even long distances, minimizing the need for refueling and claiming excellent payload capabilities. The AW139 also features a unique 60-min. ‘run dry’ capable MGB delivering greater reliability. It is the ideal choice for offshore tasks that require speed and safety.
    Limited number of components VS ageing types, ease of access to all main critical systems, the presence of several unlimited life-cycle parts, extended TBO and advanced HUMS technology contribute to significantly reduce maintenance and operating costs.
    Able to operate even at high temperatures and at high altitudes in total safety, the AW139 claims Class 1 performance in category A and offers unmatched power to weight ratio and payload to transport personnel and material at high altitude in the specific environmental conditions of the country. It is also the perfect helicopter to deploy in missions on oil and gas platforms and for the maintenance of windfarms.

The Peruvian military and law enforcement fleet includes more than 100 helicopters with an average age of 24 years. We envisage the AW139 being a strong contender to replace many of these aircraft and we were delighted to spend time in-country discussing the requirements of operators in the region and answering their questions about the AW139.