AW119T Demo Tour in Japan

From October to November our AW119T performed a demonstrating tour in Japan. Starting from Shizuoka Airport, the AW119T training helicopter has toured the country to prove its multiengine capabilities and characteristics, yet single engine economics.

The AW119T is the best single engine to instruct the next generation of Military pilots through the most advanced training and it’s the only single engine capable to expand mission capabilities leveraging on IFR certification.

Main characteristics:

    Cabin layouts are able to accomplish different roles by quick conversion. AW119T’s reconfigurable cabin counts up to 6 seats, space for mission, role and carry on equipment, or cargo. Fast roping and hoist operations through the large sliding doors enable troop insertion and extraction from the hover. Cabin door mounted crew served weapons.
    The T version of the AW119 is the only single-engine helicopter trainer in the world fully certified to operate according to instrument flight rules. State of the art NVG compatible single pilot VFR/IFR glass cockpit, avionics. Full spectrum training, from ab initio to IFR and beyond.
    The AW119T's modern avionics and a high-visibility cockpit along with a unique central observer seat and spacious, readily reconfigurable interior were some of the features we focused on during the Niigata stop the demo tour. The unique, centrally located observer seat allows a non-flying student to fully observe the cockpit, maximising learning and training opportunities.

The AW119T demo tour was a great chance to show why the helicopter is the perfect fit for Japan’s training fleet modernization needs.