The AW109 Trekker EMS.
Demo tour in the UK & Ireland.

Spring 2021

The AW109 Trekker EMS demo tour in the UK & Ireland, in Spring 2021 is aimed at further increasing Leonardo Helicopters’ presence and brand awareness, with its new multi-role light twin engine helicopter.


The AW109 Trekker leverages the operational experience of the AW109 Family, with more than 1,100 helicopters in service and 2.5 million flight hours. This model is the perfect solution for EMS operations in the UK & Ireland, with class leading performances, robust skid undercarriage design and the most advanced safety features.


Main characteristics

    Highest speed, efficient Take-Off & Landing profiles and the wide cabin environment grant a marginal gain in each phase of flight, reducing mission time and improving the patient condition.
    Smart management of the volume available and optimized cabin layout, providing full patient body accessibility and easy reach to any medical equipment. The wide cabin doors (1.4 m) allow for an ergonomic loading/unloading of the stretcher, lowering the crew’s workload.
    Embedding leading technologies aligned to future market expectations for the next decade and beyond – including Pilot aids SVS, HTAWS, Highway-in-the-Sky, option for 3G/4G with Wi-Fi
    Specifically introduced to ensure lowest cost operations in price-sensitive markets. Performance and efficiency reduce annual flying rates and environmental emissions.

Thanks to the excellent support from SAF Hélicoptères, the demo will touch base in a series of different locations across UK & Ireland, where Operators, Charities, Pilots and Doctors will test hands-on the AW109 Trekker and experience this latest version of the successful AW109 Family.

Stay tuned for the latest!